If you're experiencing performance issues in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, make sure you have the latest versions of iOS and Cinemagraph Pro installed on your device.

  • Check for iOS updates in the by tapping Settings > General > Software Update. Cinemagraph Pro for iOS requires iOS 11.0 or later. If you are running an earlier version, you'll be required to complete the update. 
  • Check for Cinemagraph Pro updates by selecting Updates on the App Store toolbar. 

If you're experiencing performance issues on the latest versions of iOS and Cinemagraph Pro, report the problem to Flixel Support. When reporting a problem to Flixel Support, confirm your iOS and Cinemagraph Pro versions. Please answer the following questions to help us reproduce the problem:

  1. What issue are you experiencing (freezing, crashing, slow, etc.)?
  2. When does the issue occur (creating a new document, editing, export, etc.)?
  3. What steps did you take before the issue occurred?
  4. Does the issue occur in multiple documents or a specific document?
  5. Was your video recorded in-app or imported?

After answering these questions, we may request your Cinemagraph Pro document and source video for testing purposes. 

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