To start creating a cinemagraph in Cinemagraph Pro, you import a video recorded on a tripod and select a frame for your still image. Some creators like to export their still image in Cinemagraph Pro and make enhancements using Photoshop or another image editing application. 

Before doing this, it's important to remember that your enhanced still image must match your source video. If you make any drastic enhancements to the still image, the motion component may no longer match after importing. As such, we recommend only making minor enhancements to your still image so it'll blend nicely with your source video. 

Cinemagraph Pro offers a wide range of adjustments and presets which get applied to the still and motion components of your cinemagraphs. You may be able to achieve your desired effect by making minor enhancements to your still image and/or using the built-in adjustments. 

If not, we recommend making the necessary enhancements to your source video using the video editing application of your choice before importing it in Cinemagraph Pro. The enhanced still image should blend nicely with the enhanced video.

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