If you purchased Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) through a MacHeist bundle, a coupon code was issued to redeem the license. The license needed to be redeemed using the coupon code prior to its expiration in September 2014. If the coupon was not redeemed prior to September 2014, the license cannot be recovered as Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) is no longer available for sale or redemption.

If you completed the steps and used your coupon code to redeem a Cinemagraph Pro for mac license, the license file would have been sent to the email address you entered while completing this process. If you have your license file, read How to Activating your Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) License to learn how to activate your license.

If you cannot locate your license file or aren't sure if your coupon was redeemed for a Cinemagraph Pro for Mac license, contact support@flixel.com with the coupon code issued upon purchase and we'll help you out.

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