To create a cinemagraph in Cinemagraph Pro, you import a video recorded on a tripod and select a frame for your still image. Instead of selecting a frame in-app, you can import an image to add text or a logo, create a levitation effect, or bring a still photo to life

If the still image you import into Cinemagraph Pro has a different aspect ratio than your video, the still image may appear stretched or distorted. To resolve this, ensure the dimensions of your still image are the same as your video. You can check the dimensions of your source video and still image from your desktop or Finder by checking the files' info. You can do this from your desktop or Finder:

  • Control+click on the files and select Get Info and view the Dimensions; or
  • Click on the file and use the keyboard shortcut Command-I and view the Dimensions

If the dimensions of your still image and video don't match, you can resize one of the files accordingly using a photo or video editing tool. The simplest solution would be to resize your still image to have the same dimensions of your video. Resize your photo under the Image menu in Photoshop or one of the many free alternatives and import then import it into Cinemagraph Pro to continue editing.

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