If Cinemagraph Pro for macOS is crashing or freezing, there may be a simple explanation as to what's causing it. If the app crashes or continuously freezes, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.


  1. Ensure you have the latest software update on your macOS device. Check for software updates in the Mac App Store or by selecting About this Mac under the Apple menu. If your software isn't up to date, install the latest version. 
  2. Ensure you have the latest update of Cinemagraph Pro for macOS. If the app was downloaded from flixel.com, select Check for Updates under the Cinemagraph Pro menu in-app. If Cinemagraph Pro was downloaded on the Mac App Store, check for updates there.


  1. Ensure your source video and recent Cinemagraph Pro documents are saved on your local drive. If they're saved externally, save them to your local hard drive.
  2. Clear your recent documents in Cinemagraph Pro by selecting Open Recent > Clear Menu under the File menu. Before doing so, ensure your Cinemagraph Pro documents are saved elsewhere for future editing.
  3. Close any applications you aren't using

Repeat the steps you took before the app initially crashed to see if updating or changing the file locations resolved the issue.

If you've completed all the steps outlined above and the app is still crashing or freezing, please contact support@flixel.com. Let us know when the app crashes or freezes. For example, does it crash or freeze when you import a video, open an existing document, during the editing process, or on export? Send us as much information as possible and we'll work with you to get the issue resolved! 

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