Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) licenses were available for purchase on the online Flixel Store prior to October 27, 2016. Before reading this article, make sure you've followed the steps outlined in Activating your Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) License. If dragging and dropping the license file onto the app in the dock doesn't remove the watermark, please follow the steps outlined below.

First, ensure Cinemagraph Pro for macOS was downloaded from as opposed to the Mac App Store. The license file won't work on the Mac App Store version of the app because their license activation process is different from ours. 

If you're unsure which version you downloaded, go to the Cinemagraph Pro menu and look for the Check for Updates option, as shown below. If you don't see this option, you're using the Mac App Store version. Download the correct version of Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and activate your license.

If you're using the correct version of Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, you may be in Version 2 trial mode. Go to the Account & License window under the Cinemagraph Pro menu or use the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘A  (Option-Command-A) and select Revert to Version 1 Features to remove the watermark and continue using your Version 1 license.

If you've completed all the steps outlined above and are still not able to activate your Version 1 license, please contact

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