There may be a simple explanation as to why Cinemagraph Pro for iOS crashes on you. If the app crashes or you're experiencing other performance issues, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.


  1. Ensure you have the latest update of Cinemagraph Pro for iOS in your App Store Updates. 
  2. Ensure you have the latest iOS software update by checking for updates in the App Store by going to your Settings and selecting General > Software Update. 
  3. Ensure you have plenty of available storage on your iOS device by going to your Settings and selecting General > Storage & iCloud Usage. If you have less than 500MB of available storage, select Manage Storage to see how much space your other apps are occupying and clear space. 


  1. If the app crashes when you import a video recorded from a separate camera or device, check the resolution of your source video along with your device's supported TV and Video formats here. Recent iPad Pro models and iPhone 6S and higher support 4K video. Importing 4K video on a device which does not support 4K will cause the app to crash. If your device doesn't support 4K video, save your source video as HD (1080p) using Quicktime or CloudConvert and try again.

If you've completed the steps outlined above and the app is still crashing please contact Please let us know when the app crashes or freezes. For example, does it crash when you import a video, open an existing document, or when you export? Send us as much information as possible along with your iOS information (model and iOS version) and we'll work with you to get the issue resolved! 

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