Selecting your still image because will determine which areas of your cinemagraph are still. In Cinemagraph Pro or macOS you can select a still image from your timeline using the still image selector (purple marker) or import one. 

The best way to make adjustments to your cinemagraphs is by using the in-app adjustments and presets. You may, however, want to export your still image to touch it up or add text or a logo to your cinemagraph. Learn the best ways to touch up your still image in the tutorial below.

When editing your still image using a third-party photo editor, it's important to remember that your edits must still match your source video. Think of a cinemagraph like a still image on top of a video and when you paint a mask on the still image, it'll reveal the video underneath. That said, if the edits you've made to your still image are noticeably different than your video, you'll be able to see where the mask was applied. 

In the example below, I exported my still image, adjusted the colors, and imported it back into Cinemagraph Pro. As you can see, the still image no longer matches the video.

Instead of making adjustments to your still image using a third-party photo editor, try using the in-app adjustments and presets.. In Cinemagraph Pro you can select from a library of presets and adjust the color, light, tone curve, and vignette of your cinemagraph. 

Alternatively you can make adjustments to your source video using a different editing tool before importing it into Cinemagraph Pro. You can proceed to export your still image from Cinemagraph Pro to do fine-tune touchups at a later time.

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