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There are a few ways your can share your cinemagraphs on Tumblr. We recommend sharing your cinemagraph on Tumblr using the Flixel embed code. The Flixel embed was designed to simplify placing a cinemagraph on a webpage. It'll autoplay and loop your video while detecting the browser and device to send the appropriate file type. 

Learn all the ways which you can upload your cinemagraphs to Tumblr below.

1.   Embed Code

Sign in to your Flixel account on Cinemagraph Pro. Click or tap Upload in the app to upload your cinemagraph to Remember to set the privacy setting to Public or Shareable. Your cinemagraph will appear on your profile when processing is complete. Click on the cinemagraph in your gallery and then on the Embed button. Copy the embed code.

Click on the Video icon on Tumblr and select Add video from web. Paste the embed code and post your cinemagraph.

2.   MP4 or MOV

Export your cinemagraph from the app in MP4 or MOV format. 

Click on the Video icon and select Upload a video. Find your video and post your cinemagraph. 

3. GIF

Export your cinemagraph from the app as an animated GIF. Alternatively you can export your cinemagraph as an MP4 and save your cinemagraph in GIF format using Photoshop or a converter tool. Read Saving Cinemagraphs in GIF format to learn about the best ways to save your cinemagraph as an animated GIF.

Click on the Photo icon on Tumblr and select Upload Photos. Find your GIF and post your cinemagraph. 

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