When you upload a cinemagraph to your Flixel gallery, a unique embed code is generated so you can easily share it on websites. The Flixel embed code will autoplay and loop your cinemagraph and detect the browser and device to send the appropriate file type. 

There are two types of WordPress websites: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The Flixel embed code is supported on websites built with WordPress.org. If you're already familiar with uploading and embedding cinemagraphs, you can head straight to the WordPress.org instructions. 


  1. Upload your cinemagraph from Cinemagraph Pro for macOS or iOS
  2. Once processed, click on the cinemagraph on your flixel.com profile
  3. Click Embed
  4. Select Responsive (recommended) or Fixed
  5. Check Use HD
  6. Click Embed Code to copy the code to your clipboard


  1. Select the page or post you want to edit or create a new page or post
  2. Click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the editor
  3. Paste the embed code
  4. Click Preview or Publish

For more information about building your website with WordPress.org, visit WordPress.org Support.


For security reasons, code limitations apply to Free, Personal, and Premium plans on WordPress.com. If you have a Business Plan, you can install third-party plugins and themes. WordPress will separate your site from the shared environment and allow you to add any code you want, including the Flixel embed code. 

If you have a Premium or Business Plan, you can use VideoPress to host and stream videos on your website. After uploading a video, you can add attributes to the shortcode to modify the default behaviour. To view the shortcode, click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the editor.

Add the following text inside square brackets of the shortcode:
hd=true autoplay=true loop=true 


[wpvideo OcobLTqC hd=true autoplay=true loop=true]

If you don't have a Premium or Business Plan and do not want to upgrade, you can embed videos from many popular video services but autoplay and loop attributes may not be supported. 

For more information about building your website with WordPress.com, visit WordPress.com Support.

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