We love cinemagraphs. It’s why we've spent the last 3 years building the world’s easiest cinemagraph creation apps. While we’ve come a long way, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our software and services so that photographers, videographers and digital marketers can be even more creative with their cinemagraph projects. Nothing makes us happier than to read comments from our community about cinemagraphs that used to take hours or days in complex photo-editing or special effects programs – now only taking minutes in Cinemagraph Pro.

While some Cinemagraph Pro users immediately export their work, many of our artists also upload their images to Flixel Cloud – our cinemagraph hosting and streaming service. Think of it as combination of YouTube for HD cinemagraphs and your own online cinemagraph portfolio. As an example, check out 3000+ cinemagraphs that our 2014 featured artist Alexandre Miguel has uploaded to his Flixel account.

Sharing Cinemagraphs, Now as Easy as Creating Them

Once your cinemagraph is uploaded to your account, it’s super easy to share it on the web, on a WordPress blog, on Squarespace or pretty much anywhere. Every cinemagraph that’s uploaded to flixel.com has a unique embed code. Our embed code works just like a YouTube embed, but, it enables HD auto-loop and autoplay functions while making your cinemagraphs look fantastic on any device and in any browser.

Here's how to embed a cinemagraph on a web site:

1. Go to the cinemagraph you want to embed on Flixel.com

2. In the bottom right corner click on “Embed”, and copy the code snippet.

3. Paste the iFrame code snippet into your web page editor. It'll look something like this.

<div class="flx-embed"><div style="position:relative; height:0; padding-bottom:56.25%; width:100%"><iframe style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%;" src="https://media.flixel.com/cinemagraph/k2px1uvfiffhn4lsgvzl?hd=false" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div></div>

4. You're done. That's all there is to it. Your embedded Flixel will auto play and auto loop wherever it's seen.

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