You may have noticed that when you upload a cinemagraph to social media, the quality isn't as good as it was when you exported it from Cinemagraph Pro. This isn't specific to cinemagraphs, but all videos uploaded to social media. When you upload a video to social media, it gets converted to the platform's preferred format which often decreases the quality of your video. 

Read our tips below to ensure you're uploading your cinemagraphs to social media in the highest possible quality. You can also check out our Social Media Cheat Sheet for Cinemagraphs to quickly reference the ideal video settings for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat uploads.


We don't recommend uploading 4K cinemagraphs to social media because it'll get compressed to a much smaller size. If you export a 4K cinemagraph from Cinemagraph Pro, use Quicktime or CloudConvert to convert the the cinemagraph to 720p or 1080p. For best results, we recommend 720p

Open your cinemagraph in Quicktime and go to File > Export > 720p and save the file

Aspect Ratio

Square and portrait cinemagraphs tend to look better than landscape on social media. If your cinemagraph is 16:9 landscape, you may want to consider cropping it to post on social media. You can crop your cinemagraph to a 1:1 or vertical aspect ratio in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS. If you're uploading your cinemagraph to Instagram, you can select an aspect ratio between 1:1 (default) and 4:5 vertical in-app.

Frame Rate

The maximum frame rate for video on Facebook and Instagram is 30 fps. If the frame rate of your cinemagraph exceeds 30 fps, it'll be converted accordingly which may decrease the quality.

To achieve a standard cinematic look, we recommend recording footage at 24 or 30 fps. Your video's original frame rate will be multiplied by the speed you select in Cinemagraph Pro. For example, if your video was recorded at 24 fps and you use the slider to increase the speed to 1.5, the frame rate of your output would be 36 fps.

If the frame rate of your output exceeds 30 fps and you want to convert it yourself, you can use a free video encoder like HandBrake.

Open your video in Quicktime and use the keyboard shortcut ⌘I (Command-i) to view the frame rate of your cinemagraph

Facebook Video Settings

Go to and click on the drop down menu to the right of the question mark at the top of the page. Select Settings and then Videos on to manage your video settings. Ensure HD if available is selected for Video Default Quality. 

To change your video settings on the Facebook app, tap on the Account tab (three lines). On iOS, Tap Settings and select Account Settings. Tap on Videos and Photos to review your video settings. On Android, select App Settings under Help & Settings. Enable HD uploads to ensure your cinemagraphs are uploaded to Facebook in the highest possible quality. 

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