To ensure your cinemagraphs playback flawlessly on Facebook, your video settings must be optimized accordingly. Learn how to manage your HD and Autoplay settings on and the mobile app below.

Note: All cinemagraphs uploaded to Facebook must be under 30 seconds to loop automatically.

Go to and click on the drop down menu to the left of the question mark icon. Select Settings and then Videos on the settings page.  

Make sure HD if available is selected for Video Default Quality to ensure your cinemagraphs are uploaded to Facebook in the highest possible quality. Autoplay must be turned on for your cinemagraph to play automatically.

Facebook App

Launch the Facebook app on your device and open the Account tab (three lines). On iOS, Tap Settings and select Account Settings. Tap on Videos and Photos to review your video settings. On Android, select App Settings.

Make sure Upload HD is selected to ensure your cinemagraphs are uploaded to the Facebook app in the highest possible quality. 

Tap Autoplay to open your autoplay settings. If you always want cinemagraphs you upload the Facebook app to play automatically, select On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections. If you don't want to use your mobile data on videos, you can select On Wi-Fi Connections Only.

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