Read How to Easily Create Facebook and Instagram Ads Using Cinemagraphs for a complete guide on advertising with single video ads, Carousel ads, and Canvas ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Learn how to export your cinemagraphs from Cinemagraph Pro and upload them to Facebook Ads Manager in the tutorial below. 

Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
When you've completed your cinemagraph in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, click Export and select H.264 (MP4) format. Adjust the number of repetitions so the length is greater than 10 seconds but does not exceed 30 seconds. All videos under 30 seconds uploaded to Facebook Ads Manager will autoplay and loop.

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
When you've completed your cinemagraph in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, tap Done and select Export. Tap on Repetitions and select Facebook. Select Facebook Ad Upload to upload it directly to Ads Manager.

Note: Facebook recommends using a 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio to ensure your ad looks good everywhere it appears on Facebook. 

Facebook Ads Manager

Step 1: Creating your Campaign

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and select Create Campaign
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Choose your advertising objective and select Continue 

Step 2: Creating your Ad Sets

  1. Name your ad set
  2. If prompted, complete sections specific to your advertising objective (ie; conversion, traffic, app installs, etc)
  3. If prompted, select the Facebook Page and Instagram account associated with your ad
  4. Choose your audience by defining characteristics such as age, location, interests, and behaviors
  5. Select your ad placements to determine where your ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network
  6. Select a budget and schedule for your ad and select Continue

Step 3: Creating your Ads

  1. Select an ad format. You can advertise with cinemagraphs in the following formats: single video, Carousel or Canvas
  2. Upload your cinemagraph(s)
  3. Enter the text you want to appear on your ad. Depending on the ad format you selected, you may also have the option to add a call-to-action button, choose a pixel, and more.
  4. Select Place Order to order your ads when ready

Facebook offers several resources to educate and assist advertisers at all experience levels on best practices for choosing objectives, targeting, designing ads, and more:

Guides for Beginner Advertisers
Guides for Intermediate Advertisers
Guides for Advanced Advertisers

If you have more questions about advertising with cinemagraphs on social media, check out our FAQ article or contact

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