Flixel brings the world’s most beautiful cinemagraphs to your Apple TV with Flixel TV. The free app allows you to display your cinemagraphs, along with the work of thousands of other Flixel Artists, in your home, office, or a gallery. 

Download Flixel TV in the Apple TV App Store and open the app on the Apple TV menu. Select Account to sign in to your Flixel account. After signing in, you can select My Cinemagraphs to view your profile. If you want to display cinemagraphs from our curated galleries, select Gallery. Choose a cinemagraph from your profile or the gallery to display or select one as your featured cinemagraph. Select Featured to manage your featured cinemagraph.

If you want to customize your cinemagraph experience, select Slideshow to select a series of cinemagraph to display on Flixel TV. You can customize the order in which they appear and their duration.  

Visit the Learning Lab to browse tutorials and behind-the-scenes content created by the Flixel Team and professional Flixel artists.

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