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Persecond for macOS can be purchased on or the Mac App Store. Each purchasing method has a different activation process.

Note: License codes are only issued for Persecond for macOS licenses purchased from the Flixel Store. If you're subscribed to Flixel Cloud Web+Apps, click here to learn how to get started.

Flixel Store

If you purchased Persecond for macOS after October 27, 2016, your license code would have been sent to the email address you used to complete the purchase. To activate a license purchased on the Flixel Store, the app must be downloaded from our website as opposed to the Mac App Store. Click here to download the correct version. When you launch the app for the first time you’ll see the Account & License window. Click Enter License Code and enter your email address and license code. Click Activate License to license the software. If you close the window, you can go to Cinemagraph Pro > Account & License to activate your license. 

License codes were not issued for older versions of Persecond for macOS. If you purchased a license before October 27, 2016, your license will have to be activated with a license file as opposed to a code. Drag and drop your license file onto the app in the dock to activate the your license. Contact if you're unable to recover your license file.

Mac App Store

Your Persecond for macOS license is connected to the Apple ID that purchased it. As long as you're logged in with the Apple ID that purchased it, you should have the licensed version. If you're unable to remove the watermark from your licensed version of the app, click here to troubleshoot.

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