Cinemagraph Pro for macOS can be purchased on the online Flixel Store or the Mac App Store. Each purchasing method has a different activation process.

The following instructions are for licensed Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS users only. Click here to learn how to get started with a Flixel Plan.

Online Flixel Store

If you purchased Cinemagraph Pro for macOS after October 27, 2016, your license will be activated with a license key sent via email upon purchase.  

  1. Download and install Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
  2. Launch the application 
  3. Select Enter License Code… on the Account & License window. If you don't see the Account & License window on launch, it can be found under the Cinemagraph Pro menu.
  4. Enter your email address and license key
  5. Select Activate License

Note: License codes were not issued for older versions of Cinemagraph Pro. If you purchased Cinemagraph Pro for Mac prior to October 27, 2016 and have not upgraded to Version 2, read How to Activate your Cinemagraph Pro for Mac (Version 1) License.

Mac App Store

If you purchased Cinemagraph Pro for macOS on the Mac App Store, your license is connected to the Apple ID that purchased it. As long as you're signed in to your macOS device with the Apple ID which purchased it, you should have the licensed version. If you're unable to remove the watermark from your licensed version of Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, click here to troubleshoot.

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