Refund Policy

Flixel products and services are available for purchase on the online Flixel Store and the App Store. For consistency, the Flixel online store policy follows the App Store policy. All sales are final.

All Flixel products and services are available as fully featured and time-unlimited free trials. The only limitation of the free trials is a Flixel logo watermark which is unlocked and removed after subscribing to a Flixel Plan or purchasing the license. The trial ensures that customers can fully evaluate the product on their own timelines before committing to a purchase. 

Purchase Options

The applications may be unlocked with a subscription or license.

Flixel Plans are periodic auto-renewing prepaid subscriptions. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before renewal. Cancelled subscriptions remain active until the end of the purchased period. Flixel Plans are associated with a single user account. The account may not be shared among multiple people. Flixel reserves the right to terminate a plan if inappropriate use is detected.


Licenses are application, major version, and platform specific. For example, a license for Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS only unlocks the 2.x version of the macOS application, and does not unlock Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. For new major versions of applications, upgrade pricing will be available for previous major version licensees. Online store application license agreements are available in the applications. For App Store applications, license agreements are available from the App Store product page.

A license grants the right to activate and use the application on either (a) one device used by multiple people, or (b) several devices, within reasonable limits, used by one and the same person. Flixel may in its sole discretion define and adjust what said reasonable limits amount to. A license does not allow multiple users to use the application on multiple devices.


Flixel Online Store
The online Flixel Store is available at or the in-app store in apps downloaded from Online Flixel Store transactions are processed by Paddle

Apple App Store

Licenses and subscriptions are available for purchase from apps downloaded on the App Store. Unfortunately Flixel does not manage App Store transactions as we don't have access to Apple's account and billing records. App Store customers can contact Apple directly within 90 days of purchase here.

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