Flixel products and services are available as subscriptions and licenses. Subscriptions and licenses can be purchased in either the online Flixel Store or the Apple App Store.

The online Flixel Store is available at flixel.com or the in-app store in apps downloaded from flixel.com. 


Flixel Plan - $199.99/year

A Flixel plan is a subscription which includes Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, Perseconds for macOS and 1TB of storage to host and stream HD cinemagraphs on the web. The Flixel Plan also includes all product updates, 100,000 web embed views/month and customizable links and watermarks. This is our best value!

Flixel plans are yearly auto-renewing prepaid subscriptions which can be cancelled at anytime before renewal. If the subscription expires, the account will revert to trial mode. 


Cinemagraph Pro for macOS - $399.99
Cinemagraph Pro for iOS - $299.99
Persecond for macOS - $49.99

Licenses are application, major version and platform specific. For example, a license for Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS only unlocks the 2.x version of the macOS app and does not unlock Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. Upgrade pricing will be available for previous major version licensees for new major versions of the apps. Upgrading is optional. 

If you want to use more than one of the apps, we recommend subscribing to a Flixel Plan instead of buying a license. 

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