Flixel products and services are available in two ways - subscriptions and licenses.
A subscription includes all Flixel apps and web services for an annual rate of $199.99. A license, on the other hand, is for ongoing use of a single application; it does not include other Flixel apps and web services. 

Read descriptions of our purchase options below to compare pricing and find out which product is best suited for your needs.


A Flixel Plan is an annual subscription which gives users access to all our apps and cinemagraph hosting service, Flixel Cloud. For $199.99/year USD, the plan includes:

Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
Persecond for macOS
1TB of storage for hosting
HD embeds
100,000 embed views/month
Custom watermarks and links

A Flixel Plan is best suited for users who have both macOS and iOS devices or require hosting. This plan our best value and will give subscribers the most creative flexibility. 

Custom plans are available for those who will require more than 100,000 embed views/month. 


Licenses are application, major version, and platform-specific. For example, a Cinemagraph Pro for macOS license will not unlock Cinemagraph Pro for iOS or Flixel Cloud. The one-time license fees are:

Cinemagraph Pro for macOS - $399.99
Cinemagraph Pro for iOS - $299.99
Persecond for macOS - $49.99

Licenses are generally better suited for users who only have a macOS or iOS device and don't require hosting.

Subscriptions and licenses are available on the online Flixel Store and Apple App Store. The online Flixel Store is available on flixel.com or the in-app store in apps downloaded from flixel.com.

Still not sure whether you should buy a subscription or license? Click on the chat icon to the right and we'll help you out!

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