Students, teachers, nonprofit, and charitable organizations are eligible to receive a 50% discount on all products sold in the online Flixel Store. The online Flixel Store is available on or the in-app store in apps downloaded from

To receive a coupon code for one of eligible products, please send us documentation of enrolment, employment, or nonprofit/charitable status. Documentation may include:

  • Student or Faculty ID card
  • Class schedule
  • Official letter
  • Pay stub
  • Proof of nonprofit or charitable registration

Educational and Nonprofit discounts can be applied to the products listed below. All discounted prices are listed in USD. 


$50/year or $7.50/month  
(Regular $99.99/year or $14.99/month)

✓ Cinemagraph Pro for iOS


$100/year or $15/month
(Regular $199.99/year or $29.99/month)

✓ Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
✓ Cinemagraph Pro for macOS


$150/year or $25/month
(Regular $299.99/year or $49.99/month)

✓ Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
✓ Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
✓ Persecond for macOS
✓ 30 Minutes with Flixel Expert

+ HD Cinemagraph Hosting
✓ Unlimited uploads
✓ 100,000 HD embed views/month
✓ Add your own watermark
✓ Custom URLs

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