A Flixel Plan is an annual subscription which gives users access to all our apps and cinemagraph hosting service, Flixel Cloud. The plan includes:

Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
Persecond for macOS
1TB of storage for hosting
HD embeds
100,000 embed views/month
Custom watermarks and links

When you upload a cinemagraph to flixel.com, you'll get a unique embed code you can paste into your website or blog. Our embed code works just like a YouTube embed, but autoplays and loops cinemagraphs across all platforms. Every time one of your embedded cinemagraphs loads on a web page, an embed view will be calculated.

Most subscribers find the monthly allowance of 100,000 embed views to be more than enough, but custom plans are available if your require more. We'll send you an email if you reach 75% of your monthly embed allowance to give you some time to upgrade your plan if required.

At anytime, you can purchase additional embed views in increments of 100,000/month for $199.99/year. That amount will be prorated based on how many days are remaining in the subscription period. Contact sales@flixel.com to upgrade and increase your monthly allowance of embed views.

Check out Tracking Embed Views & Storage to learn how to keep track of your embed usage online and in-app. 

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