HD cinemagraph hosting is included with the purchase of a business plan. Business plans are available for purchase on the in-app App Store and online Flixel Store. The online Flixel Store is available on flixel.com or the in-app store in apps downloaded from flixel.com. Business plans are $299.99/year USD and include:

✓ Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
✓ Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
✓ Persecond for macOS
✓ 30 Minutes with Flixel Expert

+ HD Cinemagraph Hosting
✓ 1TB with HD video embeds
✓ 100,000 embed views/month
✓ Add your own watermark
✓ Custom URLs

An embed view will be calculated every time one of your embedded cinemagraphs loads on a web page. Business plans start at 100,000 embed views/month but custom plans with additional embed views are available for purchase upon request. 

You will receive an email notification if and when you reach 75% of your monthly embed allowance to give you the opportunity to upgrade if needed. You will receive a second email notification if you reach 100% of your monthly embed allowance as well. 

Additional embed views can be purchased in increments of 100,000/month for $199.99/year USD. If an upgrade is required, your total will be prorated based on how many days are remaining in the subscription period.

Check out Tracking Embed Views & Storage to learn how to keep track of your embed usage on flixel.com and Cinemagraph Pro. Contact us for custom business plan inquiries.

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