The Flixel Plan is an annual subscription which includes Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, Persecond for macOS, and Flixel Cloud. Watch the video below to explore our top-selling product and continue reading to learn the best way to share and stream your cinemagraphs on the web.

Flixel Cloud is the cinemagraph hosting service included in our annual Flixel Plan. Subscribers can upload to cinemagraphs to share and stream on websites using a unique embed code. The Flixel embed code enables HD autoplay and auto-loop functions and detects the browser and device to send the appropriate file type. Simply copy the embed code that's generated when you upload your cinemagraph to and paste it into your website. It's that easy!

Flixel Cloud includes 1TB of storage on and 100,000 web embed views/month. An embed view is calculated every time one of your embedded cinemagraphs loads on a web page. Most subscribers find the monthly allowance of 100,000 embed views to be more than enough, but custom plans are available too.

Flixel Cloud also allows you to add custom watermarks to your uploaded cinemagraphs and control or remove the embed target URL. The embed target URL is the web page your embedded cinemagraph links to when clicked on. Read Managing your Flixel Gallery to learn more about controlling your privacy settings, sharing options, and links.

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