HD cinemagraph hosting is included in with the purchase of a Business plan. Business plans are $299.99/year or $49.99/month USD and available for purchase in the in-app App Store and online Flixel Store. The online Flixel Store is available on flixel.com or the in-app store in apps downloaded from flixel.com. The plan includes:

✓ Cinemagraph Pro for macOS
✓ Cinemagraph Pro for iOS
✓ Persecond for macOS
✓ 30 Minutes with Flixel Expert

+ HD Cinemagraph Hosting
✓ Unlimited uploads
✓ 100,000 HD embed views/month
✓ Add your own watermark
✓ Custom URLs

Flixel users can upload cinemagraphs to their gallery to share and stream on websites using a unique embed code. The Flixel embed code will autoplay and loop your cinemagraphs and detect the browser and device to send the appropriate file type. Simply copy the embed code that's generated when you upload your cinemagraphs to flixel.com and paste it into supported websites. 

Embed your cinemagraphs in HD
. An embed view is calculated every time one of your embedded cinemagraphs loads on a web page. Embed views will not be calculated when your cinemagraphs load on flixel.com.

Choose a destination link. The embed target URL is the web page your embedded cinemagraphs link to when clicked on. Customize the link to the destination of your choice or remove it altogether.

Show off your brand. Add watermarks to your any or all of your uploaded cinemagraphs.

If you think you'll need a plan with more than 100,000 embed views/month, learn more about Custom Business Plans or contact us.

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