A Flixel Plan allows subscribers to share and stream their cinemagraphs on the web in the highest possible quality. Our embed player is a powerful cinemagraph delivery system which autoplays and loops HD cinemagraphs across all platforms. Flixel Plans include all our applications along with 1TB of storage of flixel.com, 100,000 web embed views/month, and customizable watermarks and links.

Most subscribers find the monthly allowance of 100,000 embed views to be more than enough, but custom plans are available if you require more. Click here to learn how you can keep track of your embed views. 

You can purchase more monthly embed views in blocks of 100,000 for an additional $200/year USD. For example, if you require 300,000 embed views/month, it'd cost an additional $400.00 for the year. 

Contact us at support@flixel.com if you want to purchase a custom plan to increase your monthly embed allowance. 

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