The best way to get started with Persecond is by watching the Persecond tutorial below. It'll help you gain a better understanding of where the features are located and how to apply them before creating your first timelapse video!

Persecond is the quickest and easiest way to create a timelapse video. To open a new document, drag and drop your image set onto the Persecond for macOS home screen. You can also click Browse for Images or File > Add Images to import your photos. Persecond will sort your images automatically.

Drag the in and out points left or right on the timeline to select which part of the timelapse video you want to export.

Drag your marker between Slower and Faster to adjust the speed of your timelapse video. 

Click Reverse to change the playback direction of your timelapse video.

Tip: You can export your timelapse video from Persecond and import it into Cinemagraph Pro to create a timelapse cinemagraph. Click here to view our timelapse cinemagraph gallery for some inspiration! 

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