We offer our products in two ways - subscriptions and licenses. 

Flixel Plan
is a yearly subscription which gives members access to all our apps (Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, Cinemagraph Pro for iOS and Persecond for macOS) along with 1TB of storage to host and stream HD cinemagraphs on the web. The Flixel Plan also gives you access to our custom embed code that supports 100,000 web embed views/month and features customizable links and watermarks. It's our best value!

Otherwise you can purchase a license for ongoing use of the software. Licenses are application, major version and platform specific. Purchasing the Cinemagraph Pro for macOS license, for example, will not include Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. If you want to use more than one of the apps, we recommend subscribing to the Flixel Plan for more creative flexibility.

Check out Products and Pricing to learn more about our products and compare pricing.

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