Cinemagraphs are HD videos which autoplay and loop continuously. In Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, you can export your cinemagraphs in H.264 (MP4) and Apple ProRes (MOV) format. For best results on social media, we recommend exporting your cinemagraphs in MP4 format. Browse our Sharing collection to learn more about the best ways to upload cinemagraphs to all your social channels. 

You can also export your cinemagraphs as Animated GIFs or image sequences (PNG, JPEG, TIFF). We typically don't recommend using GIFs unless it's the only playback option. For sharing cinemagraphs on the web, we recommend uploading your cinemagraphs to to use the embed code. 

The Flixel embed was designed to simplify placing a cinemagraph on a webpage. It'll autoplay and loop your video across all platforms while detecting the browser and device to send the appropriate file type. 

Note: In Cinemagraph Pro for iOS you can export your cinemagraph in H.264 (MP4) format or upload it to to share on the web. You can also share your cinemagraphs instantly on all your social channels.

If you need to save your cinemagraph in another format, you can convert the MP4 to another format using CloudConvert

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