Our gallery features living photos from many of the best cinemagraph creators around the world. All the cinemagraphs in our gallery belong to their creators. While the cinemagraphs in our gallery aren't for sale through Flixel, many creators have listed their website or contact information on their profiles. 

If you're interested in purchasing a cinemagraph in our gallery and the creator's contact information is not listed, you're welcome to contact support@flixel.com; we can get in touch with the creator to see if they're interested in following up with you regarding licensing. 

Other Options

There are other ways you can purchase cinemagraphs created with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro.

Hundreds of cinemagraphs created with Cinemagraph Pro are available for purchase on Shutterstock. You can browse their selection on this page

You can reach out to our community on Facebook to see if any creators are interested in licensing their cinemagraphs or creating custom content.

You can also search social media for the hashtag #Flixel accompanied by hashtags like #cinemagraph, #livingphoto, and #perfectloop to connect with cinemagraph creators.

Flixel Studios

Flixel Studios, our award-winning production team, has worked with companies of all sizes on cinemagraph and micro-video campaigns that have been enjoyed by millions around the world. Our services include cinemagraph activations, custom digital campaigns, and stills to motion. Click here to see some of the work they've done and get in touch.

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