Flixel brings the world’s most beautiful cinemagraphs to your Apple TV with Flixel TV. It allows you to display your cinemagraphs, along with the work of thousands of other Flixel Artists, in your home or office. Flixel TV also allows you to watch tutorials and other behind-the-scenes content from the comfort of your couch. 


Find Flixel TV on the Apple TV menu to view our curated galleries, your uploaded cinemagraphs, learning lab, and more. 

Select Gallery to browse our curated galleries and play one or multiple in a slideshow. You can select the cinemagraph currently on display as your featured cinemagraph.

Select My Cinemagraphs to view the cinemagraphs you've uploaded to flixel.com. Like the Gallery, you can select any you wish to display or select one as your featured cinemagraph.

Learning Lab

Visit the Learning Lab to browse tutorials on using Flixel apps, sharing cinemagraphs on websites and social media, and more. You can also explore case studies, behind-the-scenes footage, community highlights, and more.


Select Account to sign into your Flixel account. This will automatically pull cinemagraphs you have uploaded to flixel.com to your personal gallery.

Select Featured to toggle your featured cinemagraph back to default if you have previously selected a different one. 

Select Slideshow  to customize your cinemagraph experience. You can choose which cinemagraphs to display, the order in which they appear, and their duration. 

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