Cinemagraph Pro offers transform tools and aspect ratio presets which will allow you to crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your cinemagraph. Click on the Crop tab in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘5 (Command-5) to transform and crop your cinemagraph. 


Use the rotate left and right commands directly underneath the Transform heading to rotate your cinemagraph 90°, 180°, and 270°. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Rotate Right  =  ⌘→  (Command-Right Arrow)
Rotate Left  =  ⌘←  (Command-Left Arrow)

Use the flip vertical and horizontal commands to the right of the rotate tool to flip your cinemagraph on the corresponding axis. The flip vertical command will flip your cinemagraph up and down on the vertical axis. The flip horizontal command will flip your cinemagraph right and left on the horizontal axis and produce a mirrored effect. 

Crop & Straighten

Select one of the standard aspect ratios to crop your cinemagraph to the corresponding dimensions. You can then drag the white points around the crop selection inward and outward to adjust the size. 

Use the keyboard shortcut ⌥ (Option) to crop your cinemagraph to a random size or change the scale of your selection.

Click and drag anywhere inside the selected area to adjust the position of your crop on the entire frame. 

If you want to straighten your cinemagraph, hover outside the white points until you see the angled arrow symbol. Then, drag on either axis to rotate the entire frame, as shown below. 

Note: If you want to upload your cinemagraph to social media, check out our Social Media Cheat Sheet to learn which aspect ratios are recommended for each platform.

Select Reset to undo all changes you've made under the Crop tab. When you're happy with your transform and crop adjustments, select Done to apply the changes. 

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