You can create a levitation or jumping effect in Cinemagraph Pro by capturing the still and motion components of your cinemagraph independently. These advanced techniques can help with impossible poses and precision masking. Learn how to create a cinemagraph featuring a model jumping in the air in the tutorial below. 

Step In & Out Technique

Begin recording your video with the still subject in the desired location. Have your subject exit the frame and continue shooting to capture the motion for your cinemagraph. When editing, use the still image selector (purple marker) to set your still frame where the subject is present on the timeline. Drag the trimmer handles on the timeline to select a trim where your subject is not present and continue editing your cinemagraph.

Capturing Still Image & Video Separately

Take a photo of your still subject and record a video without your subject present. Make sure your tripod remains still while capturing the still image and video to avoid a noticeable shift between components. Import your still image into Cinemagraph Pro from the still image tab and continue editing your cinemagraph. 

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