The built-in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS transform tools will allow you to rotate, flip, crop, and straighten your cinemagraphs.

Rotate | Tap on the rotate icon to rotate your cinemagraph 90°, 180° and 270°.

Flip | Tap on the flip icon to flip your cinemagraph on the horizontal axis and produce a mirrored effect.

Crop | Select the lock icon to your selected scale. Tap on the lock icon again to lock the scale when complete. Tap on the aspect ratio icon to crop your cinemagraph to a standard aspect ratio. 

  • Drag the white markers inward and outward to adjust the size of the selected area
  • Drag from anywhere inside the selected area to change its location

Straighten | Use the scale to straighten your cinemagraph on either axis.

Select Reset to undo all changes you've made under the crop tab. Select Done when complete to apply the changes.

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