Take the chance and guesswork out of creating beautiful long exposures with Blendeo, an advanced long exposure photo and video editor for iOS. Simply capture for up to 5 minutes or import a video and edit the perfect long exposure by adjusting the Exposure Time control and timeline range in Blendeo.

Navigating Blendeo

Learn: Tap Sign In on the home screen to sign in to your Flixel account. Once signed in, you can go to your profile to manage your subscription or update your account settings. Tap Support to visit resources including our Help Center and forums

The best way to get started with Blendeo is by going through the articles in-app and experimenting with the documents used in the Exposure Time, Motion Blur, Light Trails, and Cinemagraph tutorials.

Capture: If you don’t have existing footage recorded on a tripod, you can capture up to 5 minutes of video for your long exposure in-app. With Blendeo’s camera, you can preview your long exposure in real-time and change the frame rate, white balance, and aspect ratio as required. To ensure you’re recording in 4K on supported devices, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video.

Documents: Select Create Document to import a video from the files app or photo library or edit an existing document. Tap Select to select one or multiple documents to duplicate or delete.

Step-by-Step Guide

Capture for up to 5 minutes in-app or import an existing video in Documents to start editing your long exposure. 

To create a long exposure photo, open the photo editor and drag the marker on the timeline to select an image. To create a long exposure video, switch to video mode and drag the trimmer handles on the timeline to select the content and adjust the speed.

Increase the exposure time to blur or streak the moving elements in your long exposure and choose a blending mode: Motion Blur or Light Trails. 

Motion Blur will soften water and clouds, make cars look as though they’re speeding by, create ghostly shadows of people walking, and make transient objects completely disappear with an exposure time of minutes. Light Trails will produce mesmerizing star trails in the sky along with streaks of light from moving cars, fireworks, and more.

When you're happy with your long exposure, tap on the share icon to export, send to Cinemagraph Pro, or share the document with another iOS device. You can change the export settings and either save to your camera roll or share instantly on connected social networks. 

  • Photo Export: HEIC, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • Video Export: H.264, HEVC, Live Photo, GIF

Many creators use Persecond for macOS and Cinemagraph Pro to create cinemagraphs that speed up and freeze life at the same time. Similarly, you can transform long exposure videos created with Blendeo into thumb-stopping cinemagraphs using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for macOS or iOS. Get inspired by long exposure cinemagraphs created by the Flixel Community!

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