You can use the integrated Adobe Photo Editor to do some fine-tune touchups on your still image. Adobe Creative SDK is a photo editor so remember that any edits you make using this tool will only be applied to the still component of your cinemagraph. As such, the placement of your edits cannot interfere with your mask. If the edits you make using Adobe Creative SDK do interfere with your mask, you'll notice a shift between the still and motion components of your cinemagraph.

To adjust the color, light, tone curve, and vignette of your cinemagraph, we recommend using the in-app Adjustments and Presets. Any changes you make under the Adjustments and Presets tabs will be applied to your entire cinemagraph as opposed to the still component only.

Use the integrated Adobe Photo Editor to do fine-tune touchups, create cool effects, and style your cinemagraphs.

Adobe Creative SDK

To access Adobe Creative SDK on the iPad app, select Edit Image on the still image thumbnail under the Timeline tab. 

To access Adobe Creative SDK on the iPhone app, select Still Image > Edit under the Timeline tab. 


  • Use the Blur tool to select a brush size and paint a blur on your still image
  • Use the Focus tool to apply a radial or linear focus to your still image
  • Use the Splash tool to create a color splash effect on your still image. This will convert your still image to grayscale and allow you to paint on splashes of color. 

Note: Because the Splash tool will convert your still image to grayscale, the color splashed areas must overlap with your entire mask. If you want to utilize this effect, your cinemagraph must be composed carefully.


The next few tools will come in handy when editing portrait cinemagraphs:

  • Use the Blemish tool to remove any unwanted blemishes from your model
  • Use the Whiten tool to whiten your model’s teeth
  • Use the Redeye tool when to remove red eye when necessary

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