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Consider your composition and camera settings before recording cinemagraph footage on your iOS device. In the Getting Started Tutorial below, we'll walk you through which tools you'll need to create your cinemagraph, how it should be composed, technical specifications for recording and more.

You must record stable footage on a tripod (recommended) or steady surface to create a successful cinemagraph. Without that stability, there'd be a clear separation between the photo and video elements of your cinemagraph. Click here to see the difference between recording on a tripod and using handheld footage.

Your video should be framed in such a way that you can see a separation between moving subjects, as well as the potential for multiple movements in the cinemagraph. When thinking about the motion, try to come up with something that can be fluid and continuous like in the example above. 

Camera Settings

You can record footage for cinemagraphs directly in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS or using the native camera app on your device. You can go to your Settings and tap on Photos and Camera to view or update your default camera settings. If your device has 4K recording capabilities we recommend selecting 4K at 30fps. If your device doesn't record 4K, we recommend selecting 1080p at 30fps

The frame rate you select in for recording will depend on the type of cinemagraph you want to create. For a standard cinematic look, we recommend recording at 24 or 30fps. If you want to create a slow motion cinemagraph, record at 48fps or higher.

Current iOS devices supporting 4K video recording at 30fps include iPad Pro (9.7"), iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. If you're using one of these devices to record your footage, determine whether you want to record in 4K or HD (1080p). If you decide to record in 4K, make sure your frame rate is 30fps or below. If 4K is selected in your Settings, it'll default to recording in HD (1080p) if the frame rate exceeds 30fps. That said, slow motion cinemagraphs recorded at 48fps or higher will be recorded in HD (1080p). 

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