An embed view will be calculated every time one of your embedded cinemagraphs loads on a web page. Business plans start at 100,000 embed views/month and custom plans with additional embed views are available for purchase upon request. A custom plan is the best option if you're consistently exceeding your monthly embed allowance. However, if you've just exceeded your limit once or twice and don't want to upgrade to a custom plan, you can try making the following changes to reduce your embed count moving forward.

  • Limit the number of cinemagraphs embedded per web page. Let's say you have 3 cinemagraphs embedded to the About page on your website. Every time someone visits your About page, 3 embed views will be calculated. If you want to reduce your embed count, try embedding only 1 cinemagraph on a single web page. When implemented correctly, a carousel viewer can reduce your embed count as well.
  • Hide your embed code. When a cinemagraph is uploaded to, the embed code is, by default, visible to viewers. Your embed count may be affected if others embed your cinemagraphs to other websites. With the ability to control the embed target URL, this is a great way to drive traffic to the destination of your choice. However, if you're concerned about exceeding your monthly embed allowance, we recommend hiding the embed code. To hide the embed code, go to your profile and select each individual cinemagraph. Uncheck Show Embed and save your changes. 

Read Managing your Flixel Gallery to learn more about managing settings of your uploaded and embedded cinemagraphs. 

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