Business and Web+Apps subscribers can apply custom watermarks to uploaded cinemagraphs. Sign in to your account on to add a custom watermark. 

  1. Select Watermarks under the profile tab
  2. To upload a new watermark, Select Upload Watermark. Proceed to the next step your watermark already appears under My Watermarks.
  3. Select the cinemagraph(s) you want to apply the watermark to
  4. Go to Edit Selected and click Add Watermark
  5. Select the watermark you want to apply to the selected cinemagraph(s) 
  6. Select the placement of your watermark using the corner indicators
  7. Adjust the size of your watermark using the slider
  8. Save your changes

Managing Watermarks

All your uploaded watermarks will appear under My Watermarks. Select a watermark to view all associated cinemagraphs. To delete a watermark, hover over it and click the red X.

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